Sunday, May 24, 2009

First post !

Little Dylan. Sigh.
Dylan Koh Jun. Male. Born 19 April 2009. 11.18pm. Sunday. Likas Hospital, KK, Sabah. 3 Kilos. 47 Cm.
First born of Alex Koh & Joanne Tsen.

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  1. to the beloved couple-Alex & joanne,

    Just want to congrate u on your new baby boy..he was so adorable and cute..just like you both. I was so happy to see the photo since the last time i saw u both in your wedding. It was so amaze to know that one of very close and best friend had married and had their child together. I feel to see the moment. I do hope God always bless you all with Love and care, cherish you with happiness in whatever you do. I love you..ah Jin..and i'm sure missing you my friend these years that we aparted from each others. I;m here in KL and you are there back in SAbah. so far away, but i always believe, no matter where we are, if we always remember each other, we will always have our heart near with matter what.
    God bless u and your family..ah jin@ joanne.